Revealing timid pseudo-scalars with taus at the LHC

Cacciapaglia, Giacomo (Aff1, 0000 0001 2172 4233, Université de Lyon, Lyon, France) (Aff2, 0000 0001 2153 961X, Université Lyon 1, CNRS/IN2P3, UMR5822, IPNL, 69622, Villeurbanne Cedex, France) ; Ferretti, Gabriele (Aff3, 0000 0001 0775 6028, Department of Physics, Chalmers University of Technology, 41296, Göteborg, Fysikgården, Sweden) ; Flacke, Thomas (Aff4, 0000 0004 1784 4496, Center for Theoretical Physics of the Universe, Institute for Basic Science (IBS), 34126, Daejeon, Korea) ; Serôdio, Hugo (Aff5, 0000 0001 0930 2361, Department of Astronomy and Theoretical Physics, Lund University, SE-223 62, Lund, Sweden)

06 September 2018

Abstract: A light pseudo-scalar that is copiously produced at the LHC may still be allowed by present searches. While masses above 65 GeV are effectively covered by di-photon searches, the lower mass window can be tested by a new search for boosted di-tau resonances. We test this strategy on a set of composite Higgs models with top partial compositeness, where most models can be probed with an integrated luminosity below 300 fb-1 .

Published in: EPJC 78 (2018) 724
Published by: Springer/Società Italiana di Fisica
DOI: 10.1140/epjc/s10052-018-6183-4
License: CC-BY-3.0

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