Analysis of Dalitz decays with intrinsic parity-violating interactions in resonance chiral perturbation theory

Kimura, Daiji (National Institute of Technology, Ube College, Ube Yamaguchi 755-8555, Japan) ; Morozumi, Takuya (Graduate School of Science, Hiroshima University, Higashi-Hiroshima 739-8526, Japan) (Core of Research for the Energetic Universe, Hiroshima University, Higashi-Hiroshima 739-8526, Japan) ; Umeeda, Hiroyuki (Graduate School of Science, Hiroshima University, Higashi-Hiroshima 739-8526, Japan) (Institute of Science and Engineering, Shimane University, Matsue 690-8504, Japan) (Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica, Nangang, Taipei 11529, Taiwan)

23 December 2018

Abstract: Observables of light hadron decays are analyzed in a chiral Lagrangian model that includes resonance fields of vector mesons. In particular, transition form factors are investigated for Dalitz decays of and . Moreover, the differential decay width of and the partial widths of , and are also calculated. In this study, we consider a model that contains octet and singlet fields as a representation of SU(3). As an extension of chiral perturbation theory, we include one-loop-order interaction terms. For both pseudoscalar and vector mesons, we evaluate mixing matrices in which isospin/SU(3) breaking is taken into account. Furthermore, intrinsic parity-violating interactions are considered with singlet fields. For parameter estimation, we carry out fittings in which a spectral function of decays, vector meson masses, decay widths of , and the transition form factor of are utilized as input data. Using the estimated parameter region in the model, we give predictions for decay widths and transition form factors of intrinsic parity-violating decays. As further model predictions, we calculate the transition form factors of and in the vicinity of resonance regions, taking account of the contribution for intermediate and .

Published in: PTEP 2018 (2018) 123B02
Published by: Oxford University Press/Physical Society of Japan
DOI: 10.1093/ptep/pty122
arXiv: 1609.09235
License: CC-BY-3.0

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