Anti-de-Sitter-Maxwell-Yang-Mills Black Holes Thermodynamics from Nonlocal Observables Point of View

El Moumni, H.  (EPTHE, Physics Department, Faculty of Sciences, Ibn Zohr University, Agadir, Morocco) (High Energy Physics and Astrophysics Laboratory, Faculty of Science Semlalia, Cadi Ayyad University, 40000 Marrakesh, Morocco)

23 January 2019

Abstract: In this paper we analyze the thermodynamic properties of the Anti-de-Sitter black hole in the Einstein-Maxwell-Yang-Mills-AdS gravity (EMYM) via many approaches and in different thermodynamical ensembles (canonical/grand canonical). First, we give a concise overview of this phase structure in the entropy-thermal diagram for fixed charges and then we investigate this thermodynamical structure in fixed potentials ensemble. The next relevant step is recalling the nonlocal observables such as holographic entanglement entropy and two-point correlation function to show that both observables exhibit a Van der Waals-like behavior in our numerical accuracy and just near the critical line as the case of the thermal entropy for fixed charges by checking Maxwell’s equal area law and the critical exponent. In the light of the grand canonical ensemble, we also find a newly phase structure for such a black hole where the critical behavior disappears in the thermal picture as well as in the holographic one.

Published in: Advances in High Energy Physics 2019 (2019) 6870793
Published by: Hindawi
DOI: 10.1155/2019/6870793
arXiv: 1809.09961
License: CC-BY-3.0

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