Interactions of Multiple Spin-2 Fields beyond Pairwise Couplings

Hassan, S. F. (Department of Physics and The Oskar Klein Centre, Stockholm University, AlbaNova University Centre, SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden) ; Schmidt-May, Angnis (Max-Planck-Institut für Physik (Werner-Heisenberg-Institut), Föhringer Ring 6, 80805 Munich, Germany)

27 June 2019

Abstract: Thus far, all known ghost-free interactions of multiple spin-2 fields have involved at most pairwise couplings of the fields, which are direct generalizations of bimetric interactions. We present a class of spin-2 theories with genuine multifield interactions and explicitly demonstrate the absence of ghost instabilities. The construction involves integrating out a nondynamical field in a theory of spin-2 fields with only pairwise ghost-free interactions. The new multivierbein interactions generated are not always expressible in terms of the associated metrics.

Published in: Physical Review Letters 122 (2019)
Published by: APS
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.122.251101
License: CC-BY-4.0

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