Top-Yukawa contributions to bbH production at the LHC

Deutschmann, Nicolas (0000 0001 2156 2780, grid.5801.c, Institute for Theoretical Physics, ETH Zurich, 8093, Zurich, Switzerland) ; Maltoni, Fabio (0000 0001 2294 713X, grid.7942.8, Centre for Cosmology, Particle Physics and Phenomenology (CP3), Université catholique de Louvain, B-1348, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium) ; Wiesemann, Marius (0000 0001 2156 142X, grid.9132.9, Theoretical Physics Department, CERN, Geneva, Switzerland) ; Zaro, Marco (0000 0004 0646 2193, grid.420012.5, Nikhef, Science Park 105, NL-1098 XG, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

11 July 2019

Abstract: We study the production of a Higgs boson in association with bottom quarks b b ¯ H $$ \left(b\overline{b}H\right) $$ in hadronic collisions at the LHC, including the different contributions stemming from terms proportional to the top-quark Yukawa coupling ( y t 2 ), to the bottom-quark one ( y b 2 ), and to their interference ( y b y t ). Our results are accurate to next-to-leading order in QCD, employ the four-flavour scheme and the (Born-improved) heavy-top quark approximation. We find that next-to-leading order corrections to the y t 2 component are sizable, making it the dominant production mechanism for associated b b ¯ H $$ b\overline{b}H $$ production in the Standard Model and increasing its inclusive rate by almost a factor of two. By studying final-state distributions of the various contributions, we identify observables and selection cuts that can be used to select the various components and to improve the experimental sensitivity of b b ¯ H $$ b\overline{b}H $$ production on the bottom-quark Yukawa coupling.

Published in: JHEP 1907 (2019) 054 DOI: 10.1007/JHEP07(2019)054
arXiv: 1808.01660
License: CC-BY-4.0

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