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1. String Amplitudes from Field-Theory Amplitudes and Vice Versa / He, Song ; Teng, Fei ; Zhang, Yong
We present an integration-by-parts reduction of any massless tree-level string correlator to an equivalence class of logarithmic functions, which can be used to define a field-theory amplitude via a Cachazo-He-Yuan (CHY) formula. [...]
Published in Physical Review Letters 122 (2019) 10.1103/PhysRevLett.122.211603 arXiv:1812.03369
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2. An etude on recursion relations and triangulations / He, Song ; Yang, Qinglin
Following [1], we derive a recursion relation by applying a one-parameter deformation of kinematic variables for tree-level scattering amplitudes in bi-adjoint ϕ 3 theory. [...]
Published in JHEP 1905 (2019) 040 10.1007/JHEP05(2019)040 arXiv:1810.08508
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3. Entanglement and chaos in warped conformal field theories / Apolo, Luis ; He, Song ; Song, Wei ; Xu, Jianfei ; et al
Various aspects of warped conformal field theories (WCFTs) are studied including entanglement entropy on excited states, the Rényi entropy after a local quench, and out-of-time-order four-point functions. [...]
Published in JHEP 1904 (2019) 009 10.1007/JHEP04(2019)009 arXiv:1812.10456
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4. Critical exponents of finite temperature chiral phase transition in soft-wall AdS/QCD models / Chen, Jianwei ; He, Song ; Huang, Mei ; Li, Danning
Criticality of chiral phase transition at finite temperature is investigated in a soft-wall AdS/QCD model, with two, three degenerate flavors ( N f = 2 , 3) and two light plus one heavier flavor ( N f = 2 + 1). [...]
Published in JHEP 1901 (2019) 165 10.1007/JHEP01(2019)165 arXiv:1810.07019
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5. Conformal bootstrap to Rényi entropy in 2D Liouville and super-Liouville CFTs / He, Song
The Rényi entanglement entropy (REE) of the states excited by local operators in two-dimensional irrational conformal field theories (CFTs), especially in Liouville field theory (LFT) and N=1 super-Liouville field theory (SLFT), has been investigated. [...]
Published in Physical Review D 99 (2019) 10.1103/PhysRevD.99.026005 arXiv:1711.00624
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6. Notes on scattering amplitudes as differential forms / He, Song ; Zhang, Chi
Inspired by the idea of viewing amplitudes in N = 4 $$ \mathcal{N}=4 $$ SYM as differential forms on momentum twistor space, we introduce differential forms on the space of spinor variables, which combine helicity amplitudes in any four-dimensional gauge theory as a single object. [...]
Published in JHEP 1810 (2018) 054 10.1007/JHEP10(2018)054 arXiv:1807.11051
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7. T-duality to scattering amplitude and Wilson loop in non-commutative super Yang-Mills theory / He, Song ; Shu, Hongfei
We first perform bosonic T-duality transformation on one of the marginal TsT (T-duality, shift, T-duality)-deformed AdS 5 × S 5 spacetime, which corresponds to 4D N = 4 $$ \mathcal{N}=4 $$ non-commutative super Yang-Mills theory (NCSYM). [...]
Published in JHEP 1808 (2018) 172 10.1007/JHEP08(2018)172 arXiv:1806.02707
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8. Scattering forms, worldsheet forms and amplitudes from subspaces / He, Song ; Yan, Gongwang ; Zhang, Chi ; Zhang, Yong
We present a general construction of two types of differential forms, based on any ( n −3)-dimensional subspace in the kinematic space of n massless particles. [...]
Published in JHEP 1808 (2018) 040 10.1007/JHEP08(2018)040 arXiv:1803.11302
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9. Entanglement entropy in (1+1)D CFTs with multiple local excitations / Guo, Wu-zhong ; He, Song ; Luo, Zhu-Xi
In this paper, we use the replica approach to study the Rényi entropy S L of generic locally excited states in (1+1)D CFTs, which are constructed from the insertion of multiple product of local primary operators on vacuum. [...]
Published in JHEP 1805 (2018) 154 10.1007/JHEP05(2018)154 arXiv:1802.08815
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10. Scattering forms and the positive geometry of kinematics, color and the worldsheet / Arkani-Hamed, Nima ; Bai, Yuntao ; He, Song ; Yan, Gongwang
The search for a theory of the S-Matrix over the past five decades has revealed surprising geometric structures underlying scattering amplitudes ranging from the string worldsheet to the amplituhedron, but these are all geometries in auxiliary spaces as opposed to the kinematical space where amplitudes actually live. [...]
Published in JHEP 1805 (2018) 096 10.1007/JHEP05(2018)096 arXiv:1711.09102
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