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1. Handling Handles: Nonplanar Integrability in N=4 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory / Bargheer, Till ; Caetano, João ; Fleury, Thiago ; Komatsu, Shota ; et al
We propose an integrability setup for the computation of correlation functions of gauge-invariant operators in N=4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory at higher orders in the large Nc genus expansion and at any order in the ’t Hooft coupling gYM2Nc. [...]
Published in Physical Review Letters 121 (2018) 10.1103/PhysRevLett.121.231602 arXiv:1711.05326
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2. Systematics of the multi-Regge three-loop symbol / Bargheer, Till
We review the systematics of Mandelstam cut contributions to planar scattering amplitudes in the multi-Regge limit. [...]
Published in JHEP 1711 (2017) 077 10.1007/JHEP11(2017)077 arXiv:1606.07640
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3. The two-loop symbol of all multi-Regge regions / Bargheer, Till ; Papathanasiou, Georgios ; Schomerus, Volker
We study the symbol of the two-loop n -gluon MHV amplitude for all Mandelstam regions in multi-Regge kinematics in N = 4 $$ \mathcal{N}=4 $$ super Yang-Mills theory. [...]
Published in JHEP 1605 (2016) 012 10.1007/JHEP05(2016)012 arXiv:1512.07620
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4. Computing three-point functions for short operators / Till Bargheer ; Joseph A. Minahan ; Raul Pereira
We compute the three-point structure constants for short primary operators of $ \mathcal{N} $ = 4 super Yang-Mills theory to leading order in $ {1 \left/ {{\sqrt{\lambda }}} \right.} $ by mapping the problem to a flat-space string theory calculation. [...]
Published in JHEP 1403 (2014) 096 10.1007/JHEP03(2014)096 arXiv:1311.7461
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1 Bargheer, T.
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