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1. Global analysis of three-flavour neutrino oscillations: synergies and tensions in the determination of θ 23 , δ CP , and the mass ordering / Esteban, Ivan ; Gonzalez-Garcia, M. ; Hernandez-Cabezudo, Alvaro ; Maltoni, Michele ; et al
We present the results of a global analysis of the neutrino oscillation data available as of fall 2018 in the framework of three massive mixed neutrinos with the goal at determining the ranges of allowed values for the six relevant parameters. [...]
Published in JHEP 1901 (2019) 106 10.1007/JHEP01(2019)106 arXiv:1811.05487
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2. Beta and neutrinoless double beta decays with KeV sterile fermions / Abada, Asmaa ; Hernández-Cabezudo, Álvaro ; Marcano, Xabier
Motivated by the capability of the KATRIN experiment to explore the existence of KeV neutrinos in the [1 − 18.5] KeV mass range, we explore the viability of minimal extensions of the Standard Model involving sterile neutrinos (namely the 3 + N frameworks) and study their possible impact in both the beta energy spectrum and the neutrinoless double beta decay effective mass, for the two possible ordering cases for the light neutrino spectrum. [...]
Published in JHEP 1901 (2019) 041 10.1007/JHEP01(2019)041 arXiv:1807.01331
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3. Updated global analysis of neutrino oscillations in the presence of eV-scale sterile neutrinos / Dentler, Mona ; Hernández-Cabezudo, Álvaro ; Kopp, Joachim ; Machado, Pedro ; et al
We discuss the possibility to explain the anomalies in short-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments in terms of sterile neutrinos. [...]
Published in JHEP 1808 (2018) 010 10.1007/JHEP08(2018)010 arXiv:1803.10661
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4. Sterile neutrinos or flux uncertainties? — Status of the reactor anti-neutrino anomaly / Dentler, Mona ; Hernández-Cabezudo, Álvaro ; Kopp, Joachim ; Maltoni, Michele ; et al
The ∼ 3 σ discrepancy between the predicted and observed reactor anti-neutrino flux, known as the reactor anti-neutrino anomaly, continues to intrigue. [...]
Published in JHEP 1711 (2017) 099 10.1007/JHEP11(2017)099 arXiv:1709.04294
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4 Hernández-Cabezudo, Álvaro
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