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1. Correlation of normal neutrino mass ordering with upper octant of θ23 and third quadrant of δ via RGE-induced μ-τ symmetry breakingSupported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (11775231, 11775232) / Huang, Guo-yuan ; Xing, Zhi-zhong ; Zhu, Jing-yu
The recent global analysis of three-flavor neutrino oscillation data indicates that the normal neutrino mass ordering is favored over the inverted one at the 3σ level, and the best-fit values of the largest neutrino mixing angle θ23 and the Dirac CP-violating phase δ are located in the higher octant and third quadrant, respectively. [...]
Published in Chinese Phys. C 42 (2018) 123108 10.1088/1674-1137/42/12/123108 arXiv:1806.06640
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2. Neutrinophilic axion-like dark matter / Huang, Guo-yuan ; Nath, Newton
The axion-like particles (ALPs) are very good candidates of the cosmological dark matter, which can exist in many extensions of the standard model (SM). [...]
Published in EPJC 78 (2018) 922 10.1140/epjc/s10052-018-6391-y
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3. Sterile neutrinos as a possible explanation for the upward air shower events at ANITA / Huang, Guo-yuan
The ANITA experiment has observed two unusual upgoing air shower events, which are consistent with the τ-lepton decay origin. [...]
Published in Physical Review D 98 (2018) 10.1103/PhysRevD.98.043019 arXiv:1804.05362
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4. Matter effects on the flavor conversions of solar neutrinos and high-energy astrophysical neutrinos / Huang, Guo-yuan ; Liu, Jun-Hao ; Zhou, Shun
Can we observe the solar eclipses in the neutrino light? In principle, this is possible by identifying the lunar matter effects on the flavor conversions of solar neutrinos when they traverse the Moon before reaching the detectors at the Earth. [...]
Published in Nuclear Physics B (2018) 10.1016/j.nuclphysb.2018.04.024
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5. Observational constraints on secret neutrino interactions from big bang nucleosynthesis / Huang, Guo-yuan ; Ohlsson, Tommy ; Zhou, Shun
We investigate possible interactions between neutrinos and massive scalar bosons via gϕν¯νϕ (or massive vector bosons via gVν¯γμνVμ) and explore the allowed parameter space of the coupling constant gϕ (or gV) and the scalar (or vector) boson mass mϕ (or mV) by requiring that these secret neutrino interactions (SNIs) should not spoil the success of big bang nucleosynthesis (BBN). [...]
Published in Phys. Rev. D 97 (2018) 10.1103/PhysRevD.97.075009 arXiv:1712.04792
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