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1. Nature of the D0* meson in Dπ scattering with chiral symmetry / Sugiura, Takumi ; Hyodo, Tetsuo
We study the nature of the scalar D0* meson from the viewpoint of chiral symmetry. [...]
Published in Physical Review C 99 (2019) 10.1103/PhysRevC.99.065201
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2. Exotic doubly charmed Ds0*(2317)D and Ds1*(2460)D* molecules / Sanchez Sanchez, M. ; Geng, Li-Sheng ; Lu, Jun-Xu ; Hyodo, Tetsuo ; et al
The Ds0*(2317)D and Ds1*(2460)D* heavy meson systems can exchange a kaon that is emitted in the S-wave due to the opposite intrinsic parity of the Ds0*(Ds1*) and D(D*) mesons. [...]
Published in Physical Review D 98 (2018) 10.1103/PhysRevD.98.054001 arXiv:1707.03802
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3. NΩ interaction: Meson exchanges, inelastic channels, and quasibound state / Sekihara, Takayasu ; Kamiya, Yuki ; Hyodo, Tetsuo
Based on a baryon-baryon interaction model with meson exchanges, we investigate the origin of the strong attraction in the NΩ(S25) interaction, which was indicated by recent lattice QCD simulations. [...]
Published in Physical Review C 98 (2018) 10.1103/PhysRevC.98.015205 arXiv:1805.04024
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4. Structure of hadron resonances with a nearby zero of the amplitude / Kamiya, Yuki ; Hyodo, Tetsuo
We discuss the relation between the analytic structure of the scattering amplitude and the origin of an eigenstate represented by a pole of the amplitude. [...]
Published in Phys. Rev. D 97 (2018) 10.1103/PhysRevD.97.054019 arXiv:1711.04558
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5. Generalized weak-binding relations of compositeness in effective field theory / Kamiya, Yuki ; Hyodo, Tetsuo
We study the compositeness of near-threshold states to investigate the internal structure of exotic hadron candidates. [...]
Published in PTEP 2017 (2017) 023D02 10.1093/ptep/ptw188 arXiv:1607.01899
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6. Comprehensive analysis of the wave function of a hadronic resonance and its compositeness / Sekihara, Takayasu ; Hyodo, Tetsuo ; Jido, Daisuke
We develop a theoretical framework to investigate the two-body composite structure of a resonance as well as a bound state from its wave function. [...]
Published in PTEP 2015 (2015) 063D04 10.1093/ptep/ptv081 arXiv:1411.2308
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1 Hyodo, T.
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