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1. Prospects of searching for composite resonances at the LHC and beyond / Liu, Da ; Wang, Lian-Tao ; Xie, Ke-Pan
Composite Higgs models predict the existence of resonances. [...]
Published in JHEP 1901 (2019) 157 10.1007/JHEP01(2019)157 arXiv:1810.08954
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2. Universal Imprints of a Pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone Higgs Boson / Liu, Da ; Low, Ian ; Yin, Zhewei
A large class of models addressing the electroweak naturalness problem postulates the existence of new spontaneously broken global symmetries above the weak scale. [...]
Published in Physical Review Letters 121 (2018) 10.1103/PhysRevLett.121.261802 arXiv:1805.00489
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3. A light Higgs at the LHC and the B-anomalies / Liu, Da ; Liu, Jia ; Wagner, Carlos ; Wang, Xiao-Ping
After the Higgs discovery, the LHC has been looking for new resonances, decaying into pairs of Standard Model (SM) particles. [...]
Published in JHEP 1806 (2018) 150 10.1007/JHEP06(2018)150 arXiv:1805.01476
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4. Bottom-quark forward-backward asymmetry, dark matter, and the LHC / Liu, Da ; Liu, Jia ; Wagner, Carlos E. M. ; Wang, Xiao-Ping
The LEP experiment at CERN provided accurate measurements of the Z neutral gauge boson properties. [...]
Published in Phys. Rev. D 97 (2018) 10.1103/PhysRevD.97.055021 arXiv:1712.05802
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5. Patterns of strong coupling for LHC searches / Liu, Da ; Pomarol, Alex ; Rattazzi, Riccardo ; Riva, Francesco
Even though the Standard Model (SM) is weakly coupled at the Fermi scale, a new strong dynamics involving its degrees of freedom may conceivably lurk at slightly higher energies, in the multi TeV range. [...]
Published in JHEP 1611 (2016) 141 10.1007/JHEP11(2016)141 arXiv:1603.03064
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6. Probing top-antitop resonances with t t ¯ $$ t\overline{t} $$ scattering at LHC14 / Liu, Da ; Mahbubani, Rakhi
We explore the sensitivity of the LHC at 14 TeV centre-of-mass energy (LHC14) to the single production and decay of top-antitop resonances in the four-top final state. [...]
Published in JHEP 1604 (2016) 116 10.1007/JHEP04(2016)116 arXiv:1511.09452
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7. Hunting composite vector resonances at the LHC: naturalness facing data / Greco, Davide ; Liu, Da
We introduce a simplified low-energy effective Lagrangian description of the phenomenology of heavy vector resonances in the minimal composite Higgs model, based on the coset SO(5)/SO(4), analysing in detail their interaction with lighter top partners. [...]
Published in JHEP 1412 (2014) 126 10.1007/JHEP12(2014)126 arXiv:1410.2883
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