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1. Implications of the lens redshift distribution of strong lensing systems: cosmological parameters and the global properties of early-type galaxies / Ma, Yu-Bo ; Cao, Shuo ; Zhang, Jia ; Geng, Shuaibo ; et al
In this paper, we assemble a well-defined sample of early-type gravitational lenses extracted from a large collection of 158 systems, and use the redshift distribution of galactic-scale lenses to test the standard cosmological model ( Λ CDM) and the modified gravity theory (DGP). [...]
Published in EPJC 79 (2019) 121 10.1140/epjc/s10052-019-6630-x
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2. Entropy of the electrically charged hairy black holes / Ma, Yu-Bo ; Zhang, Li-Chun ; Cao, Shuo ; Liu, Tonghua ; et al
In this paper, we discuss the effective thermodynamic quantities of higher dimensional electrically charged hairy black holes in de Sitter spacetime, considering the correlation between the black hole horizon and the cosmological horizon. [...]
Published in EPJC 78 (2018) 763 10.1140/epjc/s10052-018-6254-6
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3. The Thermodynamic Relationship between the RN-AdS Black Holes and the RN Black Hole in Canonical Ensemble / Cao, Shuo ; Ma, Yu-Bo ; Zhang, Li-Chun ; Liu, Jian ; et al
In this paper, by analyzing the thermodynamic properties of charged AdS black hole and asymptotically flat space-time charged black hole in the vicinity of the critical point, we establish the correspondence between the thermodynamic parameters of asymptotically flat space-time and nonasymptotically flat space-time, based on the equality of black hole horizon area in the two different types of space-time. [...]
Published in Advances in High Energy Physics 2017 (2017) 3812063 10.1155/2017/3812063 arXiv:1612.03518v1
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4. Q – Φ criticality in the extended phase space of (n+1) -dimensional RN-AdS black holes / Ma, Yu-Bo ; Zhao, Ren ; Cao, Shuo
In order to achieve a deeper understanding of gravity theories, i.e., the quantum properties of gravity theories and the statistical explanation of gravitational entropy, it is important to further investigate the thermodynamic properties of a black hole at the critical point, besides the phase transition and critical behaviors. [...]
Published in EPJC 76 (2016) 669 10.1140/epjc/s10052-016-4532-8
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