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1. Long-term dynamics of cosmological axion strings / Kawasaki, Masahiro ; Sekiguchi, Toyokazu ; Yamaguchi, Masahide ; Yokoyama, Jun’ichi
We present the results of a new field-theoretic simulation of cosmological axion strings, which are eight times longer than previous ones. [...]
Published in PTEP 2018 (2018) 091E01 10.1093/ptep/pty098 arXiv:1806.05566
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2. Ghost-free scalar-fermion interactions / Kimura, Rampei ; Sakakihara, Yuki ; Yamaguchi, Masahide
We discuss a covariant extension of interactions between scalar fields and fermions in a flat space-time. [...]
Published in Physical Review D 98 (2018) 10.1103/PhysRevD.98.044043 arXiv:1805.10963
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3. Ghost-free theories with arbitrary higher-order time derivatives / Motohashi, Hayato ; Suyama, Teruaki ; Yamaguchi, Masahide
We construct no-ghost theories of analytic mechanics involving arbitrary higher-order derivatives in Lagrangian. [...]
Published in JHEP 1806 (2018) 133 10.1007/JHEP06(2018)133 arXiv:1804.07990
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4. Nonlocal N = 1 $$ \mathcal{N}=1 $$ supersymmetry / Kimura, Tetsuji ; Mazumdar, Anupam ; Noumi, Toshifumi ; Yamaguchi, Masahide
We construct N = 1 $$ \mathcal{N}=1 $$ supersymmetric nonlocal theories in four dimension. [...]
Published in JHEP 1610 (2016) 022 10.1007/JHEP10(2016)022 arXiv:1608.01652
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5. Healthy degenerate theories with higher derivatives / Motohashi, Hayato ; Noui, Karim ; Suyama, Teruaki ; Yamaguchi, Masahide ; et al
In the context of classical mechanics, we study the conditions under which higher-order derivative theories can evade the so-called Ostrogradsky instability. [...]
Published in JCAP 1607 (2016) 033 10.1088/1475-7516/2016/07/033 arXiv:1603.09355
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6. Structure of Kähler potential for D -term inflationary attractor models / Nakayama, Kazunori ; Saikawa, Ken’ichi ; Terada, Takahiro ; Yamaguchi, Masahide
Minimal chaotic models of D -term inflation predicts too large primordial tensor perturbations. [...]
Published in JHEP 1605 (2016) 067 10.1007/JHEP05(2016)067 arXiv:1603.02557
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7. Galilean creation of the inflationary universe / Kobayashi, Tsutomu ; Yamaguchi, Masahide ; Yokoyama, Jun'ichi
It has been pointed out that the null energy condition can be violated stably in some non-canonical scalar-field theories. [...]
Published in JCAP 1507 (2015) 017 10.1088/1475-7516/2015/07/017 arXiv:1504.05710
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8. The most general second-order field equations of bi-scalar-tensor theory in four dimensions / Ohashi, Seiju ; Tanahashi, Norihiro ; Kobayashi, Tsutomu ; Yamaguchi, Masahide
The Horndeski theory is known as the most general scalar-tensor theory with second-order field equations. [...]
Published in JHEP 1507 (2015) 008 10.1007/JHEP07(2015)008 arXiv:1505.06029
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9. Cosmological matching conditions and galilean genesis in Horndeski's theory / Nishi, Sakine ; Kobayashi, Tsutomu ; Tanahashi, Norihiro ; Yamaguchi, Masahide
We derive the cosmological matching conditions for the homogeneous and isotropic background and for linear perturbations in Horndeski's most general second-order scalar-tensor theory. [...]
Published in JCAP 1403 (2014) 008 10.1088/1475-7516/2014/03/008 arXiv:1401.1045
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1 Yamaguchi, M.
6 Yamaguchi, Masahiro
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